Metallic Balloon Thickened Birthday Decoration Arrangement

On the surface of the balloon, the logo pattern of the enterprise and the merchant, promotional phrases, congratulatory words, etc. are printed on the surface of the balloon for advertising and publicity, so as to expand the popularity of the enterprise and the sales of the product. It has become popular in the United States and western developed countries and has become an important advertising carrier for major companies. With the opening and development of my country's economy, in recent years, more and more enterprises and merchants use advertising balloons to promote their brands. Advertising balloons have become a new type of advertising media for companies to enter the market, which is economical and affordable. In store celebrations, week celebrations, new product promotions, product promotions and other activities as gifts, advertising balloons are distributed, allowing people to walk into thousands of households with advertising balloons in their hands, so as to achieve a brand effect that is widely advertised and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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The existing balloon colors are generally divided into standard color and pearlescent color (also known as metallic color). The pigments used in the two are different. The latter uses pearlescent pigments. No matter what color the balloon is made of, it has the luster of pearls. The transparency is relatively high, and it is more beautiful than standard color balloons, and is more suitable for decorating various scenes.

1. Ordinary ball and pearlescent ball

(1) Commonly used balloons are divided into ordinary balls and pearlescent balls, and a layer of pearlescent powder is attached to the surface of the pearlescent ball.

(2) Ordinary balls are brighter in color than pearlescent balls, but under light or sunlight, pearlescent balls are more reflective than ordinary balls and appear brighter than ordinary balls.

2. Balloon color

(1) In foreign countries where the balloon industry is developed, balloon manufacturers produce more than 50 colors of balloons.

(2) Ordinary balloon colors include 8 commonly used basic colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, and pink. In addition, there are other auxiliary transition colors, such as: light green, light blue, light purple, apple green, Lemon yellow, ivory white and other colors.

(3) In addition to the 8 basic colors, the pearlescent ball also has transition colors such as light green, light blue, and light purple. In addition, the pearlescent ball also has special colors that ordinary balls do not have: gold and silver. These two colors are also called metallic colors.


Printing Balloon

【Printing content】 Made according to customer's sample

【Printing materials】 Imported ink screen printing



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