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Regardless of the occasion, the balloon can create joy, liveliness, elegance, peace, solemnity, solemnity, festiveness, and enthusiasm for the event with its strong affinity, unlimited creative space, eye-catching, and emotional appeal. , romantic, warm, grand, gorgeous and other moods and atmospheres; refresh the traditional balloon vision in one fell swoop, pleasing to the eye, pleasing to the eye; its creation is free, can be created according to the situation; ingenious, can be changed; random settings, can be changed Because of the differences, the artistic themes are diverse, the application is wide, and the practicability is strong.

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The most basic material in decoration is balloons, which can be divided into latex balloons and aluminum foil balloons according to the raw materials used in the production of balloons. Latex balloons are made of natural latex and different color dye additives, with different colors and textures. According to the shape of the balloon, latex balloons are divided into round balls, heart-shaped balls, petal-shaped balls, hollow balls, and cylindrical balls. Latex balloons are mostly inflated with ordinary air or helium, and nitrogen can also be used, but hydrogen is never used. Balloons filled with ordinary air will not automatically float. When the latex balloon is inflated, the ball skin will gradually expand and extend to the appropriate size, because the more inflated the latex balloon is, the thinner the ball skin is, in order to prolong the sustainable time after the latex balloon is inflated, it is best not to inflate it The nominal diameter size, a latex balloon with a diameter of 11 inches, generally blows to 9 to 10 inches. Aluminum foil balloons are made of composite materials such as metal aluminum foil and polyamide fibers, and have good sealing performance. Its inflation time is ten times stronger than that of latex balloons after they are kept inflated. After the aluminum foil balloon is inflated, it is generally sealed automatically.

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