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Features: Our company is currently a relatively well-known brand in China. The balloons are thinner, softer and more powdery. Most of the 10-inch and 12-inch guns are used, and they are thin, so they won't hurt if you hit them too much. But also because they are thin, they are more likely to be sharp and more damaged if you hit them too fast. Good quality, non-explosive, relatively long maintenance time, conspicuous color, and relatively complete types. Environmental protection, some Pioneer brand balloons can be degraded.

Advantages: cheap price, relatively complete color system

1. Production and processing of latex advertising balloons
     Using screen printing technology, the company has an independent plate-making workshop and printing workshop. The introduction of advanced equipment, the daily printing volume of 30,000. Can be screen printed monochrome, color, single-sided, multi-sided. Gradient printing can be done through dot control technology.
     2. Make decorative balloons
     According to the customer's concept, we can make a perfect balloon decoration plan. From the selection of materials and color matching, we always strive for perfection, and completely integrate the balloon into the environment, and the balloon becomes a real decoration. On-site production includes balloon bouquets, balloon arches, balloon physical modeling, balloon walls, helium balloons, bursting balloons, and balloon performances.
     3. Aluminum film balloon customization
     Tough nylon is selected as the main material, and the aluminum layer has strong adhesion, bright and never fades. The cumbersome gravure printing technology is used to ensure excellent printing quality, and the one-time temperature control molding technology is used to hold the air for more than 700 hours. The aluminum film balloons produced by us not only have bright colors, plump shapes, and beautiful patterns, but also have moderate prices, and are famous for their safety and stability, and are well received by customers.


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