2.8g 12inch UN UW standard latex balloons

Weight: 2.8 grams
Diameter: 12 inches
Standard: In line with United Nations UW standards
Material: latex
--10 years of experience in latex balloon
-- We offer factory price directly, big discount for big order
-- Good quality meet international standard such as CE Certification
-- 24 hours service
-- Custom print balloon is accepted

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The United Nations UW standard latex balloon is a high-quality balloon product that complies with United Nations standards. It is light in weight and moderate in diameter, and is suitable for use in various occasions. It is made of high-quality latex material and undergoes precision processing and quality testing to ensure reliable product quality. This kind of balloon has good elasticity and durability, is not easy to burst, and can stay inflated for a long time. Whether it is a birthday party, wedding celebration or commercial promotion event, UW standard latex balloons are your ideal choice.


Comply with United Nations standards: The product complies with United Nations UW standards, ensuring the quality and safety of the balloons.

Lightweight and Portable: Light weight, easy to carry and use, suitable for decoration and activities in various occasions.

Strong durability: Made of high-quality latex material, it has good elasticity and durability, is not easy to break, and can be reused.

Safe and reliable: Strict quality control and testing ensure product quality is stable, safe and reliable.

Multiple uses: It is suitable for various occasions such as birthday parties, wedding celebrations, commercial promotions, etc. It is a multi-functional decorative product.

High cost performance: The price is moderate and the performance is stable. It is a cost-effective balloon product.

Why Choose Us:

Comply with international standards: Our products comply with the United Nations UW standards and undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure product quality and safety.

Rich experience: We have many years of experience in producing and selling balloon products. We are deeply involved in the industry and provide customers with professional products and services.

High-quality materials: We use high-quality latex materials to manufacture balloons, ensuring that the product has good elasticity and durability, is not easy to break, and can be reused.

Diverse choices: We provide balloon products in a variety of specifications and colors to meet customers' different needs and occasions.

Competitive Prices: We provide high-quality products at reasonable prices, providing customers with cost-effective options.

Good reputation: We have a good market reputation and customer trust, and have been recognized and praised by our customers.

Professional services: We provide professional pre-sales consultation and after-sales services, providing customers with a full range of technical support and solutions.

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