1.5g pastel balloons

Weight: 1.5g
Color: Multiple colors available

--10 years of experience in latex balloon
-- We offer factory price directly, big discount for big order
-- Good quality meet international standard such as CE Certification
-- 24 hours service
-- Custom print balloon is accepted

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This 1.5g colorful balloon is a lightweight, colorful decorative balloon suitable for various celebrations, promotions and decorative occasions. The balloon is lightweight and made of high-quality latex material. It has good elasticity and durability, is not easy to break, and is suitable for long-term inflatable use. A variety of colors are available, including red, blue, yellow, green, etc., which can be matched and decorated according to different occasions and needs, adding color and atmosphere to the event.


Lightweight and portable: The balloon weighs only 1.5 grams, which is light and easy to carry, making it convenient for decoration in various occasions.

Colorful choices: A variety of colors are available, including red, blue, yellow, green, etc., to meet the needs of different activities and themes.

Strong durability: Made of high-quality latex material, it has good elasticity and durability, is not easy to break, and can be reused.

Applicable occasions: Suitable for birthday parties, wedding celebrations, commercial promotions and other occasions to add color and atmosphere to the event.

Environmentally friendly and reliable: The product material is environmentally friendly, safe and reliable, does not contain harmful substances, and complies with relevant standards and regulatory requirements.

Why Choose Us:

Raw material preparation: Prepare high-quality latex raw materials to ensure the purity and quality of the materials.

Mold making: Inject the latex raw material into the balloon mold and mold it into the shape of the balloon through a molding machine.

Forming processing: Process the formed balloon, including removing burrs, polishing the surface, etc., to ensure the perfect appearance of the product.

Printing and coating: According to customer needs, balloons are printed and coated to increase the color and decorative effect of the product.

Inflatable packaging: Inflate the finished balloons and package them according to customer requirements to ensure that the products are intact and clean.

Quality inspection and acceptance: Conduct quality inspection on the finished product to check whether the appearance, inflation performance and other indicators of the balloon meet the requirements.

Packaging and shipment: Pack the qualified products, mark the product information and batch number, etc., and then ship them out of the warehouse.

Throughout the production process, quality control and production standards are strictly implemented to ensure product quality is stable and reliable and meets customer needs and expectations.

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